We regret to announce that the website paleo.anglo-norman.org is now permanently closed.

For the past 15 years, the paleography pages devised by Dr David Postles have been made available under that url from webservers belonging to the Anglo-Norman Dictionary (AND) project.

In recent years, the way Dr Postle's pages operate has unfortunately not kept pace with the evolving requirements and expectations of modern web browsing software as used by the majority of users. In addition to their use of now obsolete "pop-up" techniques, they rely heavily on the use of a mouse in ways that cannot be matched on touch-screen mobile devices.

These issues could only be solved by revising how the site works, but attempts over several years to contact Dr Postles by a number of methods to discuss this matter have failed. He seems to be no longer available by any publicly known email address and he no longer responds to postings on his blog.

In the light of all this, we have reluctantly decided to stop hosting the material.