WCM 15382 1330-1

Stubbington Account there 1330 the year beginning at the Gule of August

Rents of assize Thomas le Grey serjeant r. his a. for 21s.2[1]3/4d. received from rent of assize of Kingston for Michaelmas term. And for 4 19s.10d. received from all rent of assize of Portsmouth. And for 8d. received from the rent of Robert Bataylle for Easter term.

Total 6 11s. 1d.

Issues of the manor From summer pasture [nothing] this year because it was depastured by the lords horses. From the pasture in Margeriecrofte nothing this year for the same reason. And for 12d. received from grass sold in Jordaneslond. And for 12d. received from grass sold about the hays in Bradecrofte. And for 6d. received from tithe hemp of Eastney. And for 13d. received from small tithes there this year. And for 6d. received from the Stockfeed of Richard Wyllesman per annum. And for 3s.2d. coming from 9 tithe cheeses from Eastney making 9 claves at per clave but 1d. more in weight.[2] And for 10s.8d. received from tithe of Eastney mill.

Total 17s. 11d.

Sale of stock And for 16[?]s. received from 2 weak affers sold. And for 2s.6d. received from 2 keb wethers sold at Martinmas. And for 11s.3d. received from 9 ewes sold at Michaelmas because keb at 15d. each. And for 8s.3d. received from 4 claves 5 lbs of wool sold at 3d. per lb. And for 9s.8d. received from 4 claves 3 lbs of wool[3] coming from tithe of Eastney at 2s.2d. per clave. And for 20s.11d. received from 2 wey 2 claves 4 lbs of cheese sold at 10s. per wey. and 4d. per clave but 1d. less in the weight of which 1 weighed .... 4 lbs of cheese remaining from 2 claves of harvest cheese and 7 claves of winter cheese and 13 claves of summer cheese. And for 2s.10d. received from [8] ... sold at ... per clave. And for 6d. from the hides of 2 calves sold. And for 12d. from fells of 4 wethers which died after shearing ... d. ... fells ... died before lambing sold at 3d. per fell. And for 18[4]d. received from 6 hoggs which died before shearing from ... sold ... And for 2d. from fells sold of 2 wethers which died after shearing. And for 4d. from fells of 4 lambs sold which died before weaning. And for 2d. from fells sold of 4 lambs[5]of the rectory after weaning [and] before shearing.

Total 72s. 7d.

Sale of Grain And for 60s. received from 10 qtrs of wheat sold at 6s. per qtr. And for 49s.2d. received from 7 qtrs 3 bs. of wheat sold at 6s.8d per qtr. And for 38s.7d. received from 7 qtrs 5 bs. 3 peck of curall sold at 5s. per qtr. And for 10s.6d. received from 2 qtrs 2 bs. of rye sold at 7d. per bs. And for 16 received from 80 qtrs of barley at 4s. per qtr. And for 24s.4d. received from 5 qtrs 1 bs. 3 peck of barley sold at 4s.8d. per qtr. And for 10 received from 40 qtrs of barley sold at 5s. per qtr. And for 23s.4d. received from 6 qtrs 3 bs. of dredge at 3s.8d. per qtr. And for 17s. 4d. received from 6 qtrs of oats sold at 2s.8d. per qtr. And for 39s. 9d. received from 10qtrs 6 bs. 3 peck of beans sold at 3s.8d. per qtr.[6] And for 4 3s.4d.[7] received from 20 qtrs 6 bs. 3 peck[8] of beans sold at 4s. per qtr. And for 4 10s.9d. received from 24 qtrs 6 bs. of peas sold at 3s.8d. per qtr.[9] And for 43s.5d. received from 13 qtrs 1 peck of vetches sold at 3s.4d. per qtr.

Total 48 10d.

Sales after the account And for 13s.4d. received from several items sold after the account.

Total 13s.4d.

Total of all Receipt 59 15s. 93/4 [10]d.

Excess[11] The same accounts in excess of last years account 18 7s.10[12] 3/4d.

Payment of rent The same accounts in rent paid to the Court of Portsea for the land of Brokehurst for Michaelmas term 5s. And to the lord King for several tenements held from him within the liberty of Portsmouth of the said lordship 36s.2d. In 3 lbs of pepper paid to the same at the same term 3s.3d. In 4 lbs of wax bought and paid to the rector of the Church of Farlington at the feast of St Andrew the Apostle 2s.

Total 45s. 5d.


Cost of ploughs The same accounts in iron and steel for ironwork for 3 carts per annum 3s. In the smiths wage for the said ironwork for the same [time] 2s.11d. In joinery for the said ploughs 5d. In 1 ploughshare bought 11d. In 2 ploughs bought 14d. In 1 pair of wheels bought 5d. [13] In 2 harrows bought 10d. In 2 stirrups bought 8d. In shoes for 3 carthorses and 5 affers and the Bailiffs horse as a whole[14] by a certain contract 13s.

Total 23s. 4d.

Cost of carts The same accounts in 1 pair of wheels bought 3s. In 1 binding bought with all equipment 12[15]s. In binding the said wheels 6d. In 30 clouts with nails 3s.1d. at 1d. for a clout. In 300 cloutnails bought 4d. In greasing a cart 8d. In repair of 1 broken-down cart with clamps and 13 large nails bought for the same together with the smiths wages 8d. In 132 large nails for 2 wheels coming from the Priory with old binding together with clamps bought for the same 3s.6d. In binding the said wheels 6d. In 4 collars bought 2s.2d. In 2 pair ... for carts 8[16]d. In 1 cart-body made 11d.[17]

Total 28s. 1d.

Purchase of stock The same accounts In 1 affer bought 12s.6d. Item in 5 wethers bought before shearing 6s.8d. at 16d. each but d. more overall. In 4 ewes with lambs bought before shearing 8s.2d. at 2s.0d. each with lamb but d. more overall. Item in 1 ewe before shearing 14d.

Total 28s. 6d.

Cost of fold and dairy The same accounts for 12 hurdles bought for the fold 18d. In 2 bs. of salt bought for the dairy 7d. In linen cloth bought for wrapping cheeses 3d. In earthen pots bought for the dairy 2d. In shearing and washing sheep 7d. In washing and shearing 66 lambs 5d. In binding scoops 2d. In binding 1 tub 2d.

Total 3s. 10d.

Repair of buildings The same accounts for 1 roofer and his help for 25 days roofing the grange and other buildings where it was necessary 8s.4d. at 4d. per day. In 1 roofer and his help for 4 days roofing the stone granges ad thascham 18d.

Total 9s. 8d.

Necessary expenses The same accounts in 5 bs.[18]of salt bought for broth for the famuli per annum and for harvest expenses 15d.[19]In sterilising 25 female piglets 8[20]d. In 2 earth pots bought weighing 63 lbs 12s.7d.[21] because he should account next year with the sale of old ones[22] In making 1 water pit 5s.2d.[23] In 3 shovels with 1 fork bought for muck 3d. In steeling the said iron tools 6d. In planting 3 qtrs of beans ad thascham 4s.8d. at 2d. for a bs.[24] In wood bought for making stakes and folding the sheep and for the the lords land at la hulle 12d. In underbrush bought for the same 2s. In pasture bought at Totel for the lords oxen 6s.8d. In pasture bought for lambs 5s.3d. In 1 bucket bought for the water pit 2d. In making from new 1 wall between the hall and kitchen ad tascham 8d. In 1 door next to the said wall with Hinges and brackets and nails bought for the same 10d. In a gate to the pinfold with hinges and brackets bought 6d. In 6 measures of canvas for making sacks 21d. In making up the sacks from it 1d. In 7 measures of canvas for making sheets for winnowing 3 sheets 2s.0d.

Total 28s. 5d.

Weeding mowing The same accounts in weeding of all grain and oats 12d. In mowing the meadow of la hulle 22d. In mowing the meadow of Puricrofte 18d. And they were lifted by famuli.

Total 4s. 4d.

Threshing The same accounts for threshing ad thascham 241qtrs 5 bs. [25] of wheat 18 qtrs 7 bs[26]of curall 2 qtrs 2[27] bs. of rye 54s.8d.[28] at 2d. for a qtr. Item in threshing ad thascham 304 qtrs 3 bs.[29]of barley 34s.10d[30]at 1d. for a qtr and no more because 25 qtrs 5 bs. threshed by threshers in autumn[31] In threshing ad thascham 20 qtrs 3 bs. of dredge 2s.1[32]d. at 1d. for a qtr. In threshing ad thascham 76 qtrs 2 bs. of oats 4s.9d.[33]at 3/4d. for a qtr. In threshing ad thascham 24 qtrs 3 bs.[34]of beans 33 qtrs[35]1 peck of peas 26 qtrs 3 bs.[36]of vetches 13s.11d.[37]at 2d. for a qtr.

Total 110s. 33/4d.

Reaping of grain The same accounts in reaping[38] ad thascham 50a. of wheat 46[39]a. of barley 17a. of oats 79s.4d.[40] And thus reaping of each acre is worth 8d. but 16d. more overall.[41] In mowing[42] 10a. of peas 12a. of vetches ad thascham 9s.7d.[43] at 5d. for an acre.

Total 4 8s. 7d.[44]


Harvest cost The same accounts in expenses of the said Thomas the serjeant Henry de Cheryton the granger 1 hayward 1 cook and baker 1 Reapreeve 8 mounted foremen 4 stackers 6 carters carters from Moundsmere Priors Dean and Southwick 20 foot workers the groom of the mounted foremen and other visits through harvest that is at Sunday next before the feast of St James the Apostle for 5 following weeks as in ale 20s[45]In meat 14s.[46] In fish and herring 10s.[47] And moreover they had from stock as shown over.

In 6 lbs of candles bought 12d. In dishes plates and platters bought 4d. In gifts to several reapers reapreeve and carters and good men of the parish 19s.[48]6d. In 8 pair of gloves bought for mounted foremen 16d. In shoeing their horses 2s.8d. to each 4d. In relish for 3 ploughmen 3 ploughdrivers for 8 weeks 6s. to each per week 1d. In relish for 1 Shepherd 1 swineherd 1 dairy assistant 1 cowherd for the same time 2s.8d. at 1d. per week.

Total 77s. 6d.

Harvest wages The same accounts in wages of 8 mounted foremen 40s. to each 5s. And of 1 hayward and 1 cook and baker 5s. And of 1 Reapreeve 2s.6d. And of 4 stackers 12s. to each 3s. And of 20 foot workers and the groom of the mounted foremen for the same time 25s. to each of them 20d.[49] In 5 carters hired 36s.[50]of whom 2 15s. 3 21s. and 1 5s.6d.[51]

Total 6 1d.

Wages of the famuli The same accounts In the wage of 1 carter per annum 5s.6d. And for 2 ploughmen and 1 driver at the horse plough for the same time 15s.9d. And of 2 ploughdrivers for the same [time] 9s. And of 1 Shepherd 1 cowherd 1 dairy assistant and 1 swineherd for the same [time] 14s. to each 3s.6d. And of Henry de Churyton granger 2s. 6d.[52]3d.[53]

Total 46s. 3d.