WCM 15389                                                               1408-1409


Stubbington  The account of John Cook’ bailiff there from Michaelmas 9 Henry IV to Michaelmas 10 Henry IV.


Rents of assize  And for 18s.11d. of old rent of assize at Michaelmas.

                                                Total 18s. 11d.

Leases  And for £9 13s.3½d. from lease of demesne land at the terms of Easter and St John the Baptist.  And for 68s.1d. from the lease once of William Fifhide lately leased to William Balchif’ senior to hold for a term of 12 years this year that is as is shown by the rental giving 15d. for an acre and which of old used to render 71s.4d.  From the lease of the windmill this year nothing at Portsmouth because totally destroyed by fire of the enemies.

                                                Total £13 16½d.

Issues of the manor  And for 5d. from small étitheù[1] of Eastney that is of lambs piglets and other remittances.  For 9d. from 3 cheeses coming from tithe there nothing here because delivered to the lord’s chamber.  And for 2d. from tithe of linen and hemp this year.  And for 2s. from tithe of the mill of Henry Abraham this year. And for 4s. from white straw sold this year.  And for 20d. for black straw sold.  And for 6s.8d. from winter pasture in la Groscroft sold this year.  And for 3s.4d. from agistment of animals going there in winter time with the lord’s animals.  From agistment of outsiders’ animals going with the lord’s animals in summer time nothing because from pasture with the lord’s beasts and insufficiently for them.  From the pasture of la Bencroft sold nothing because it was sown as over.  And for 3s.3d. from fines in Court sold this year and not more because it was granted to the lords’ tenants from agreement.  And for 6s.8d. from pasture in la laddercroft sold in winter time this year.  And for 46s.8d. from milk of 17 cows and 1 Heiffer leased at farm giving 2s.8d. for a cow and 16d. for a Heiffer and not more because 1 cow died after calving 1 fattened for harvest expenses 1 returned to S. after calving and 1 dried up after calving  because of weakness.  And for 2s. from tithe of Fratton mill this year.  And for 8d. for a horsehide sold over.

                                                Total 77s. 6d.

Sale of grain and stock  And for £17 16s.7d. from 48 qtrs 5 bs. of wheat sold as over at 7s.4d. per qtr.  And for £4 from 15 qtrs of barley sold at 5s.4d. per qtr.  And for 3s.8d. from 1 qtr 3 bs. of oats sold at 4d. per bs.  And for 14d. from 2 bs. of beans sold.  And for 8s. from 1 qtr of first-grade malt sold as over.  And for 66s.8d. from 10 qtrs of ordinary malt sold at 6s.8d. per qtr.  And for 12s. from 1 weak horse sold as over.  And for 5s. from 4 wethers sold as over at 15d. a head.  And for 4s. from 2 pigs sold over.  And for 16d. from 4 geese sold.  And for 14d. from 42 doves sold at 1d. for 3.

é£26 19s. 7d.ù[2]                                        Total £26 19s. 7d.

Foreign Receipt   And for 3s. received from stock of the house as received from the same.  And for 2s.6d. received from the lord’s chest for gifts made to the churchwarden of Portsea and threshing of the manor by the lord’s assignment.  And for 12s. received from the lord by the hands of a certain Muyar’ of Havant.  And for 2s.9d. received from the lord as 3 lbs of pepper for rent to the bailiffs of the liberty.  And for 6d. received from the same as 2 lbs of almonds bought for the same.  And for 3s.4d. received from the same for covering of a cart as over.

é24s. 1d.ù[3]                                           Total 2é4ù[4]s. 1d.

éSales after the account  And for 4s.5d. from several sales after the account as over.

                                                Total 4s. 5d.ù[5]                                   Total of all receipt with foreign [expense] £46 5s. 10½d.

Excess  In excess of last year’s account             Total £4 11¼d.

Rent paid  In rent paid to the bailiffs of the liberty of Portsmouth for several lands and tenements being within the liberty 53s.4d. of which for the land called Fifhideslond’ [6] In cash delivered to the same bailiffs as in 3 lbs of pepper of annual rent this year 2s.9d.  In cash paid to the Rector of Farlington for annual pension of 4 lbs of wax for tithe of Eastney once belonging to the Rector of F. and now reserved to the Prior and Convent of S. for payment of the said Wax per annum 2s.

é58s. 1d.ù[7]                                           Total 58s. 1d.

Lapsed rent In lapsed rent of a grange at Portsmouth destroyed by enemies and insufficient for distraining per annum é3d.ù[8]  In lapsed rent once of Roger Taillour which Chattelygh late held because it is not known who is tenant of it or where it is levied 23/4d.  In lapsed rent once of Alice Spicer which the said Thomas lately held for the same reason 23/4d.  In lapsed rent once of Warin Mulward because it is not known where distraint might be made per annum 5½d.  In lapsed rent of 1r. of land in Smaledole which John Baret lately held for the same reason 1d.  In lapsed rent of a certain Henry Ailham in Portsmouth burned by enemies and insufficient for distraining 1d.  In lapsed rent of a garden at Portsmouth which Stephen Angulon’ late held because in the lord’s hands 6d.  In lapsed rent of a tenement at Portsmouth once of Matilda Mulward burnt by enemies and insufficient for distraining 43/4d.  In lapsed rent of a tenement late of John Saltere in Portsmouth next to ostergat’  for the same reason 43/4d. per annum.  In lapsed rent of land and tenement once of William Cossh’s Widow which Richard Cosshe John Balchif and Agnes daughter of William Cosshe hold in common between them 5½d.  In lapsed rent of a tenement late of John Scapelory now of William Hicche because he said that he is exonerated by charter 3/4d.  In lapsed rent of 1 helve of land once of John Rikeby now of William Combe because it is not known where distraint can be made 23/4d.  In lapsed rent of 1 helve of land once of Roger Lirkeband’s Widow now of Stephen Lyrkeband in Beeston 23/4d.  In lapsed rent of 1a. of land which Henry Baker holds 5½d. because it is not known where distraint can be made.  In lapsed rent of 1 helve of land lying in Beeston in Comeneforb’ between land of [9] and land which William atte Purye lately acquired from Cerst’ Perez 23/4d.  In lapsed rent of 1 hedhelv lying in Metlond between Comeneforb’ and land of Russell of acquisition of the same William 4d.

é4s. 7½d.ù[10]                                        Total 4s. 7½d.

Cost of carts  In 1 pair of iron plates bought for binding 6s.8d.  In binding the said iron plates with iron binding and nails and other materials for them together with the smith’s wage in making the said ironwork 25s.  In a piece of iron strake with clamps and nails both small and large for repairing an old cart 4s.9d.  In clouts and nails bought for carts this year 9d.  In 1 pair of traces bought 7d.  In 6 halters bought 6d.  In shoeing horses this year 16s.7d. and so much for carrying stone and chalk for cur’ alen’

é54s. 10d.ù[11]                                       Total 54s. 10d.

For the purchase of stock nothing this year.

Cost of buildings with necessities  In the wage of 1 carpenter putting a post from new at suthtgate and making 1 stile between Beeston and la Groscroft and making 4 panels from new in la Pundfold with 2 new gates for the same and making from new 4 panels and 2 gates for the same for a certain close between the Courtyard and la Hennecot and making 1 panel between the long stable and the vetches grange and 1 panel  between the Kitchen and the dairy, hired for this for 62 days, 12s.11d. he takes 2½d. per day without the manorial table.  In victuals bought for the same for the same time being at the manorial table 4s.5d. giving for the table 10d. per week.  In 3 bars 3 Woodcocks and 6 hooks bought for the same 3 gates 15d.  In 100 nails bought for making the said [gates] 6d.  In the wage of 1 thatcher éwith his servantù[12] roofing on the west grange hired for this for 12 days 4s. taking between them 4d. per day.  In the common table of the same for the same time 3s.4d. giving 10d. for the table per week.  In the wage of 1 mason with his 2 servants strengthening walls out of the west grange that is on the east side of  the same 16d.  In the common table bought for them for the same time 10d.  In 2 new sacks bought 2s.  In a sieve and riddle bought 5d.  In 1 shovel bought 7d.

é30s. 3d.ù[13]                                                     Total 31s. 7d.


Threshing and winnowing  In threshing ad thascham 120 qtrs 6 bs. of wheat 4 qtrs 2 bs. of beans and 13 qtrs 4 bs. of hares 34s.7½d. 3d. for a qtr.  In threshing ad thascham 172 qtrs 6 bs. of barley and 9 qtrs 6 bs. of dredge 30s.5d. 2d. for a qtr.  In threshing ad thascham 11 qtrs of oats 16½d. 1½d. for a qtr.  In winnowing half of all grain ad thascham  of which the total contains 166 qtrs 4s.7d. 1d. for 3 qtrs plus 1 qtr.

é75s.ù[14]                                               Total 71s.

Cost of harvest In 2 qtrs 4 bs. of wheat bought for baking bread for harvest expenses 16s.8d. at 6s.8d. per qtr.  In é8ù[15]bs. of first-grade malt bought for expenses in the same 7s.  In 7 qtrs 4 bs. of ordinary malt bought for the same expenses 50s.  In mutton bought 5s.  In pork bought 4s.  In 4 geese bought 16d.  In doves bought for expenses for the lord’s grain as over 14d.  In 250 hens’ eggs bought 10d.  In cheeses bought 3s.4d.  In milk and butter bought 16d.  In 250 herring bought é2ù[16]s.4d.  In salt fish bought é2s.ù[17] In oyster and rockfish bought 16d.  In 7 lbs of candles bought 10½d.  In 2 pair of pig carcasses bought from the house’s stock 3s.  In beef and pork bought other than 1 cow killed as over and valued at 8s. from the manorial stock 2s.10d.  In brot’ bought this year 22d.  In 8 small ropes bought for foot workers 4d.  In courtesy given amongst the parishioners this year 22d.  In 3 carts hired to bring in grain for all harvest 48s.  In carrying work hired this year other than the said carts 7s.8d by the day.   In wages of 3 mounted foremen this year 20s.  In wages of 8 foot workers 39s.4d. who of old used to take only 32s.  In wages of 2 stackers this year 12s.3d.  In payment made to a certain helper of the dairy assistant there for preparing food in harvest 3s.  In payment made to 2 carters 1 stacker and 5 foot workers as in 1 qtr of wheat given to all 6s.8d.  In 2 bs. of salt bought 12d.  In dishes and plates bought 7d.

é£12 8s. 0½d.ù[18]                                                Total £12 5s. 2½d.

Wages  In the bailiff’s wage per annum 20s.  In the wage of 1 carter this year 16s.8d.  In payment made to the same for carrying outside this year 3s.4d.  In wages of 1 swineherd and 1 écowherdù[19] per annum 7s. he takes each term 12d. and in harvest 4s.  In the wage of 1 édairy assistantù[20] per annum 4s.9d. s/he takes each term 9d. and in harvest 2s.6d.  In gifts for the same at Christmas and Easter 8d.  Given to the carter by the lord’s direction 3s.4d.

é55s. 9d.ù[21]                                                     Total 55s. 9d.

Foreign expense  In a gift to the churchwardens of Portsea that is for the church of the same 2s.  In the lord’s gift to manorial threshers 6d.

                                                            Total 2s. 6d.

Livery of cash  And delivered to Thomas Curteys Prior from wheat sold as is shown in the paper of the same £16 4s.1d. 

And to the same Sir Thomas, Prior, from barley sold above as is shown in the paper of the same £4.

                                                            Total £20 4s. 1d.

                        Total of All expenses and liveries £50 8s. 7¼d.

                        And thus it is in excess £4 2s. 8½d.  And afterwards

                        he is charged for £4 4s. received from the lord and

                        above he is not charged for harvest wages that is of the

                        mounted foreman carter foot workers and other necessities

                        as is shown by writing.  And thus he owes 15¼d.


Stubbington.  Account of the same for 10 Henry IV

Wheat  John Cook bailiff there answers for 120 qtrs 6 bs. of wheat, the 8th bs. heaped, of all issue of the grange threshed ad Thascham by 1 tally against the Thresher there.  From increase of the cantle nothing beyond the said measure because in common with the Threshing made with the lord’s assent.  And for 3 qtrs 6 bs. ½ peck from heaping of the same that is from a qtr a peck.

                                    Total é124 qtrs 4 bs. ½ peckù[22]

Of which delivered to Nicholas Rigge Cellarer of the house by 1 tally 64 qtrs 4 bs.  éIn heaping for the same delivery 2 qtrs ½ peck.ù[23]  In livery of the bailiff per annum 6 qtrs 4 bs.  In low-grade malt malted 1 qtr as is shown below.  Given for repair of roads between Portsdown and Portsbridge 1 bs.  In sale 48 qtrs 5 bs.  Of which in harvest expenses 3 qtrs 3 bs. and for work 1 qtr.  In heaping for the same except harvest expenses 1 qtr 3 bs. 1 peck.  éAnd in sale after the account 2 bs. 3 peck for 2s.6¼d.ù[24]

                                                Total which [is] above.  And equal.

Barley  And for 172 qtrs 6 bs. of all issue of the grange threshed as above by 1 tally against the Thresher there.  From increase without éheapingù[25] over the said measure nothing for the same reason.  And for 4 qtrs 7 bs. ½ peck from heaping of the same as above.

                                                Total 177 qtrs 5 bs. ½ peck.

Of which delivered to the said [Cellarer] by 1 tally 131 qtrs.  In livery of 1 carter and 1 cowherd 10 qtrs 3 bs. taking a qtr at 10 weeks.  In livery of 1 dairy assistant per annum 3 qtrs 2 bs. s/he takes 1 qtr at 16 weeks.  In livery of 1 bailiff over his livery above 3 qtrs 2 bs. by the lord’s agreement.  In low-grade malt malted 10 qtrs.  In sale over, 15 qtrs.  Given for the same for heaping 3 bs. 3 peck.  éAnd in sale after the account 1½ bs. ½ peck for 143/4d.[26]

                        The total which [is] above.   And nothing remains.

Dredge And for 9 qtrs 6 bs. of all issue of the grange threshed as above by 1 tally against the Thresher as above.  éFrom heaping without cantle nothing for the said reasonù[27]