of the Raigne of o[u]r sou[er]aigne lord Charles by the grace of god of of the one p[ar]te and John Thurlowe of King[es] Lynne aforesaid money to him the said Robert Cowper att and before the Clerly and absolutely acquite and discharge him the said JOhn bargaine sell give graunt and Confirme unto the said JOhn reditament whatsoever with the appurtena[u[nc[es] scytuate lyinge and late of John Towers called the Crowne on the west p[ar]t and abbutt... ...ment of Robert Cowper of King[es] lynne aforesaid his father Deceased six hundred and Two more plainly Doth appeare And all the hatsoever belonginge To Have and to Houlde the said of the said John Thurlowe and of his heires and Assignes of present[es] Provided alwais and so is the intent and meaning to be paid unto the said John Thurlowe his heires and Assignes aforesaid in manner and forme followinge That is to saie thousand Six hundred and Thirtyth coords=393,369,440,369,435,399,389,399 and Twenty Pound... ...dred & one and thyrtith w[i]thout any fraude or further Delaye Then this any thinge in theis present[es] to the Contrary notw[i]thstandinge his heires and Assignes by theis present[es] That he the said unto the said John Thurlowe and his heires of all and singuler of the premisses or by any other name or names is herby Declar... and to no other use intent or purpose And the said Robert assignes by theis present[es] That he the said Robert Cowper is nowe or late the the wiffe of Edward Knap of King[es] lynne afore... the said John Thurlowe and his heires and Assignes accordinge of Eight and Thirty Pound[es] or of any p[ar]t or p[ar]cell therof shall Assignes for ever free Discharged and Disincombred of and ...soever had made Done or suffered to be had made and Done by him ..said to theis present Indentures interchaungeablie have sette