1 This Indenture the nyneteenth day of January
2 England Scotland France and Ireland Kinge Defender of
3 And Thomas Synge of Bridgnorth aforesaid in the said County
4 Whereas the Bailiff[es] and Burgesses of the said towne of Bridg...
5 the Thirteenth day of August in the three and Fortyeth yere
6 and Declared did giue grant bargaine and sell unto the said
7 of the said towne of Bridgnorth and lately enclosed and
8 lately erected uppon the same peece of land by the said Georg...
9 and peece or parcell of land did adioyne westward unto the
10 then in the tenure of Humfrey Synge and George James
11 being and Southward unto the land[es] of the said towne then in
12 tenure or occupac[i]on of the said Richard or George Synge or
13 parcell of land Tenement[es] Barne and all other the recited
14 onely sole and proper use of the said Richard and of his heires
15 Burgesses and to their successo[u]rs and assignes the yerely ren...
16 Christ only And under the grant[es] Covenant[es] Condic[i]ons
17 thereunto being had it doth & may more playnely appeare
18 and in Considerac[i]on of the naturall loue and affection
19 of the rent[es] hereafter reserued and duely to be payd
20 Demised granted sett and to Farme lett And by these p[re]sent...
21 adm[inistratou]rs and assignes all the aforemenc[i]oned p[re]misses tog...
22 or any p[ar]te or p[ar]cell thereof belonging or appe...
23 the said before menc[i]oned p[re]misses [illegible] and
24 assignes from the Feast of St Michaell the Archangell
25 dureing the whole Tearme of Fourescore and nyne...
26 Yeilding and paying yerely for all and singul[er]
27 Burgesss [sic] and to their successo[u]rs and assignes the yerely
28 of our Sauior Christ eu[er]y yere And alsoe unto Ge...
29 adm[inistratou]rs or assignes the yerely rent of two pence at eu...
30 lawfully demanded uppon [filler] the afore dem...
31 adm[inistratou]rs and eu[er]y of them Doth Covenant p[ro]mise and
32 eu[er]y of them by these p[re]sent[es] That it shall and maye be
33 of them to haue hould occupie possesse and enioy all
34 to be Demysed with their and eu[er]y of their appurte...
35 nyneteene yeres Without any [?] lett trouble or
36 any of them or of any other p[er]son or p[er]sons haueing
37 him the said Richard Synge And that the said Demy...
38 to tyme dureing the Continuance of the said Tearme of
39 Synge his executo[u]rs adm[inistratou]rs and assignes free and
40 and all manner of forfeytures former grant[es] and