This Indenture the nyneteenth day of January England Scotland France and Ireland Kinge Defender of And Thomas Synge of Bridgnorth aforesaid in the said County Whereas the Bailiff[es] and Burgesses of the said towne of Bridg... the Thirteenth day of August in the three and Fortyeth yere and Declared did giue grant bargayne and sell unto the said of the said towne of Bridgnorth and lately enclosed and lately erected uppon the same of of land by the said Georg. said peece or p[ar]cell of land did adioyne Westward unto the then in the tenure of Humfrey Synge and George James being and Southward unto the land[es] of the said towne then in tenure or occupac[i]on of the said Richard or George Synge or of p[ar]cell of land Tenement[es] Barne and all other the recited p[re]mis... onely sole and proper use of the said Richard and of his heires Burgesses said and to their successo[u]rs and assignes the yerely ren. Christ only And under the grant[es] Covenant[es] Condic[i]ons thereunto being had it doth & may more playnely appeare and in Considerac[i]on of the naturall loue and affection of the rent[es] hereafter reserued and duely to be payd Demised granted sett and to Farme lett And by these p[re]sent.. adm[inistratou]rs and assignes all the aforemenc[i]oned p[re]misses tog..... or any p[ar]te or p[ar]cell thereof belonging or app.... the said before menc[i]oned p[re]misses and assignes from the Feast of St Michaell the Archangell dureing the whole Tearme of Fourescore and nyn.teen Yeilding and paying yerely for all and singule[r] Burgess and to their successo[u]rs and assignes the yerely of our Sauior Christ eu[er]y yere And alsoe unto Ga... adm[inistratou]rs or assignes the yerely rent of two pence at eu... lawfully demanded uppon [filler] the afore Demy... adm[inistratou]rs and eu[er]y of them Doth Covenant p[ro]mise and eu[er]y of them by these p[re]sent[es] That it shall and may be of them to haue hould occupie possesse and enioy all to be Demysed with their and eu[er]y of their appurte... nynetenne yeres Without any the lett trouble or any of them or of any other p[er]son or p[er]sons haueing him the said Richard Synge And that the said Demy... to tyme dureing the Continuance of the said Tearme of Synge his executo[u]rs adm[inistratou]rs and assignes free and and all manner of forfeytures former grant[es] and