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Transcription [150% zoom]

1 To all Christian people to whome this p[re]sent writeinge shall come
2 Heref[ord] gent' and Pangham Hall' sonne and heyre apparent
3 yeo) that wee the s[ai]d Thomas Hall and Pangham Hall for Diveres
4 in considerac[i]on of the some of Five poundsshillings of good and lawfull mony
5 gent' well and truly Contented and payd whereof wee acknowledge
6 Rogers his heyres executors and administr[ators] to bee thereof acquited exonerated
7 and all togeather for wee and myour heyres foreu[er] quiet claymed and conf...
8 possession and seizon
1 beinge, and to his heyres and assignes foreu[er] all
9 interest and Demand w[hi]ch wee eu[er] had nowe have or by any meanes
10 Close with the appurtenances Com[m]only called and knowne by the
11 and beinge in the p[ar]ish of Ekington in the Com' of Heref[ord] afores[ai]d be...
12 Demeene on the south p[ar]te and the landes of the s[ai]d Walter Rogers
13 broade Meare on the weaste side And alsoe of in and to all
14 wise belonginge or appertaineinge and alsoe of in and to all Rent..
15 or in any wise appertaineinge To have and to hould all the s[ai]d
16 the s[ai]d Walter Rogers his heyres and assignes foreu[er] to the only use
17 Soe that neither wee the s[ai]d Thomas Hall nor Pangham H[all]
18 any Right Tytle Clayme Condic[i]on title or possibility of Reentry
19 tenances or any parte or p[ar]cell thereof may myght or ought heereafte[r]
20 bee utterly barred and excluded foreu[er] frome all acc[i]on Right estr...
21 and Demand thereof to bee required by these p[re]sent[es] And wee the s[ai]d
22 And all and singular other the p[re]messes w[i]th the appurtenances to the
23 and for eu[er] Defend by these p[re]sent[es] In Witness whereof wee the
24 and seales the Nineth day of May in the yeare of the Lord god

i.e. seisin