interest and Demand w[hi]ch wee eu[er] had nowe have or by any meanes Close with the appurtenances Com[m]only called and knowne by the nam[e] and beinge in the p[ar]ish of Ekington in the Com of Heref afores[ai]d Demeene on the south p[ar]te and the landes of the s[ai]d Walter Rogers broade Meare on the Weaste side And alsoe of in and to all waye[s] wise belonginge or appertaineinge and alsoe of in and to all Rent[es] or in any wise appertaininge To Have and to hould all the s[ai]d the s[ai]d Walter Rogers his heyres and assignes foreu[er] to the only use Soe that neither wee the s[ai]d Thomas Hall nor Pangham