To all christian people to whome this p[re][se]nte writeinge shall come wee Thomas Pennant Cittizen and Skynner of London To and Richard Gardiner of Slinfold in the countye of Sussex Mercer Doe send greetinge in our lord god everlasting Whereas Roger Price of Westbery in the Countye of Buck' Esquier by his Deed pole under his hand and seale bearing date the eighte and twentith daye of October last past before the date hereof for the considerac[i]on of One hundred pownd[es] therein menc[i]oned Did assigne and sett over =unto us the said Thomas Pennant and Richard Gardiner All his estate righte title interest and tearme of yeares of in and to five Messuages or Tenement[es] w[i]th the appurten[a]nces scituate and being in Tuttle street neare the Gatehouse w[i]thin the cittie of Westm\' in the countye of Midd\' heretofore graunted by Indenture of Lease Dated the sixteenth daye of Maye In the yeare of our lord One thousand six hundred twentie and eighte by the Deane and Chapter of the Collegiate church of St Peter in Westm\' unto William Mann Esquier deceased for the tearme of Fourtie yeares att the yearely rent of fower pownd[es] six shilling[es] and eighte pence And alsoe alsoe all the estate & interest of him the said Roger Price of in and to the sayd Indenture of lease As thereby and by the said Deed pole appeareth Nowe knowe yee that wee the said Thomas Pennant and Richard Gardiner Doe hereby puplish and Declare that that the said some of one hundred pound[es] considerac[i]on monye menc[i]oned in the said Deed pole as aforesaid was the proper monyes of John Richbell Cittizen & Tallow chaundler of London and that our names was used in trust in the same Deed to and for the use and behoofe of him the said John Richbell his executors & assignes and noe oherwise Witnes 0[u]r hand[es] & seales hereunto sett the seaventh daye of November In the yeare of our lord One thousand six hundred fiftie and Nyne Sealed & deliuered in the p[rese]nce of William Hayne John [mark] Smiths m[ar]k Th[omas] Pennant Richard Gardner