This Indenture Scotland France & Ireland Kinge Thomas Love of Nedhamm[ar]kett that the said Will[ia]m Turner & Thom... Thomas Peck attthensealinge & De... thereof doe acquitt exon[er]ate & Discharge the said bargayned sold enfeoffed & confirmed and by late of Thomas Brook[es] & Elizabeth his wife & hereditam[ents] with their app[ur]te[n]aunc[es] thereto belon... his Assignee or Assignes which said p[re]misses the to them made beareinge date the Tenth said bargayned p[re]misses with their & eu[er]y of their Of the Cheife Lord or Lord[es] of the fee or fees by ioyntly nor the one for the other and for their Peck & his heires shall or may from tyme to be bargayned & sold without the lawfull lett any p[er]son or p[er]son[es] whomsoeu[er] haveinge or acquitted exon[er]ated & discharged of & from all & all either of their heires or Assignes And that interest of in or to the said p[re]misses in & by the either of them their or either of their heires the said Thomas Peck his heires or Assignes act[es] devise & devises in the Lawe whatsoeu[er] by Fyne Feoffm[en]t[es] Deede enroller or not enrolled meanes as as by the Councell learned in the