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[1] This Indenture made the Sixt day of June in the one and thirtieth yeare of the Reigne of
[2] our Soveraigne Lord Charles the Second by the grace of god of England Scotland France and Ireland King
[3] Defender of the Faith &c Annoque D[omi]ni 1679 Betweene John Hunt of Birmingham in the Countye of Warwick
[4] Cordweyner of the one part Thomas Evance the elder of Birmingham aforesaid Gent' and Humfrey Cookes
[5] of Birmingham aforesaid in the said Countye of Warwick Gent' of the other part Witnesseth That the said
[6] John Hunt for and in Considerac[i]on of the sum[m]e of five shillings of Lawfull money of England to him in hand payd
[7] by Thomas Evance and Humfrey Cookes or either of them at and before the sealing and Deliverye of these p[re]sents
[8] The receipt whereof the said John Hunt doth hereby acknowledge And for divers other good causes and considerac[i]ons
[9] him hereunto espeacially moveinge he the said John Hunt Hath demised granted bargained and sold and by these p{re}sents
[10] doth demise grant bargaine and sell unto the said Thomas Evance and Humfrey Cookes and their assignes All That messuage
[11] Tenement with the App[ur]t[enaunces]
1 scituate standing and being in Molestreet alias Moorstreet in Birmingham aforesaid in the said Countye of Warr'
[12] betwene the Land of Richard Millward The land formerlye of Robert Shelton gent' now of Edward ?eawood The Land of [MS blank] Philipps
[13] and the said street called Molestreet alias Moorestreet on all or neer all some or most parts thereof All the which said messuage or tenement and p[re]misses
[14] are now in the tenure or occupac[i]on of the said John Hunt And alsoe all buildings outhouses edifices yards backsides wayes waters Co[m]modityes
[15] and App[ur]t[?enan]ces1 thereunto belonging or in any wise app[er]teyning And the Reverseon and Reversions Remainder and Remainders Rents and service
[16] thereof and of every part and parcel thereof To have and to hold the said messuage or tenement and all other the above granted
[17] p[re]misses with their and every of their App[ur]t[?enan]ces1 unto the said Thomas Evance and Humfrey Cookes and their assignes from the day before the date
[18] of these p[re]sents for and dureing the terme of one whole yeare from thence next ensueing and fully to be compleate and ended Yeilding and
[19] paying
therefore unto the said John Hunt his Exec[utou]rs Administrato[u]rs and assignes the rent of one pepper Corne at the feast of St
[20] John the baptist if the same be Lawfully demanded To the intent and purpose that by virtue of these p[re]sents and of the Statute for transferring
[21] uses into possession the said Thomas Evance and Humfrey Cookes may be in actuall possession of all and every the said above bargained
[22] p[re]misses and may be enabled to take a grant and release of the Inheritance of the p[re]misses with the App[ur]t[?enan]ces1 unto them and their heires for
[23] ever In Witnesse whereof all the said parties [obscured by strip of parchment with John Hunt's signature] ...ained unto these p[re]sent Indentures their hands and seales have sett the day
[24] and yeare first above written

1 It appears that the contractions are intended to insert the e and the a, but the precise contraction is not clear.