Charter of Walter de Pynkhurst to Thomas de Polyngfold'

In the transcription here, contractions and suspensions are extended silently.
[1]Sciant presentes et futuri quod ego Walterus de Pynkhurst filius quondam domini Dauid' le [sic] Jarponuyle militis dedi
[2]concessi et pro duabus marcis sterlingorum et dimidia mi[c]hi premanibus pagatis hac presenti carta mea confirmaui Thome
[3]de Polyngfold' de parochia de Abymourthe et Thome filio suo duos solidos et sex denarios annui redditus
[4]percipiendos de Radulpho le vesk' annuatim ad quatuor terminos anni principales per equales porciones pro quodam
[5]campo quem de me tenet Iacente in parochia de Abymourthe predicta ex parte Boriali tenementi Alani ate
[6]Rugge ex parte Australi terre mee proprie et ex parte Orientali et Occidentali terre predicti Thome sicut metis et bundis di- [breaks to next line]
[7]-uiditur et includitur Habendos et tenendos predictos duos solidos et sex denarios annui redditus cum omnibus suis pertinenciis
[8]predictis Thome et Thome filio suo et heredibus eorum uel assignatis libere quiete integre et pacifice Iure hereditario inperpe- [breaks to next line]
[9]-tuum absque omni seruicio seculari exaccione uel demanda Et ego predictus Walterus et heredes mei predictos duos solidos
[10]et sex denarios annui redditus cum omnibus suis pertinenciis predictis Thome et Thome filio suo et eorum heredibus uel assig- [breaks to next line]
[11]-natis contra omnes gentes Warantizabimus inperpetuum In cuius rei testimonium huic presenti carte sigillum meum
[12]apposui Hiis testibus Henrico de Somerbury Willelmo de Polyngfold' Thoma de Rukenham Willelmo ate Hale Johanne
[13]de Asshurst et Aliis Data apud Rugwyk' in crastino Sancti Bartholomei Apostoli Anno regni Regis Edwardi filii
[14]Regis Edwardi DecimoNono

[1]Know all present and future that I Walter de Pynkhurst once son [1] of sir David le [2] Jarponuyle knight have given [2]granted and for two and a half marks sterling paid to me beforehand by this my present charter have confirmed to Thomas
[3]de Polyngfold' of the parish of A. and to Thomas his son 2s.6d. of annual rent
[4]to be taken from Ralph le vesk' annually at the four principal terms of the year by equal instalments for a certain

[5]field which he holds from me lying in the parish of A. aforesaid on the N. side of Alan ate
[6]Rugge's tenement [and] on the S. side of my own land and on the E. and W. sides of the aforesaid Thomas's land as it is by metes and bounds divided [this word breaks across the line]
[7]and enclosed To have and to hold the aforesaid 2s.6d. of annual rent with all its appurtenances
[8]to the said Thomas and his son Thomas and their heirs or assigns freely, quietly, fully and peaceably by hereditary right forever [breaks across the line]
[9]without any secular service, exaction or demand And I the aforesaid Walter and my heirs the aforesaid 2s.
[10]6d. of annual rent with all its appurtenances to the said Thomas and Thomas his son and their heirs or assigns [this word breaks over the line]
[11]against all people shall warrant forever In witness of which thing to this present charter my seal
[12]I have set By these witnesses Henry de Somerbury William de Polyngfold' Thomas de Rukenham William ate Hale John
[13]de Asshurst and others. Given at Rudgwick [3] on the morrow of [the feast of] St Bartholomew the Apostle [4] in the 19th [from line 14] year of the reign of King Edward
[14]the son of King Edward [19th: DecimoNono - taken to line line 13] [5]

[1] I.e. his father has died. [Click your browser's back button]
[2]Possibly de is intended here. [Click your browser's back button]
[3] This form of dating is called the 'placedate'. [Click your browser's back button]
[4]24 August, so the morrow is 25 August. [Click your browser's back button]
[5] This is the regnal year: 19 Edward II (King Edward son of King Edward) which ran from 8 July 1325 to 7 July 1326, so that 25 August in this case fell in 1325. [Click your browser's back button]