Know all men by theise p[re]sentes that Wee James Lee of Rachdale Within the County of Lancaster Bucher and Elizabeth my Wife do by theise p[re]sentes Acknowledge and Confess our selues to haue Receiued & had at ye day of the date hearof from the handes of Arthur Worrall of High Crompton Within the parrishe of Ouldam and County Affors[ai]d Yeoman Dissessed And John Dawson of Turnough Within Butterworth in the parrishe of Rachdale and County Afforesaid Yeoman Joynte Trusstees or Executo[u]rs of the Estate of John Hill of Cleaylandeshead Yeoman Diss[esse]d in truste Consern- -inge the Yearly Leuiinge Raising and payinge of the summe of one Hundred pound unto the said Elizabeth my Wife shee beinge Grandaughter of the said John Hill Diss[esse]d party to theise p[re]sentes of and from the Landes and tenementes of Claylandes=head Affores[ai]d by Virtue of an Indenture or Deed of setlemente of Marridge Which Was Lately Sollemnized betweene us the said James Lee and Elizabeth my Wife shee beinge Grandaughter or to the said John Hill Diss[esse]d and for the Naturall Loue and Affection that he bare unto her ye said Ellizabeth and for the Raisinge her A Marridge [filler] portion did Agree to and With the said James Lee for the Raising of the said one Hundred pound did Lawfully Impower and put in truste the heartofore named Trusteese as by the said Deed under our handes and sealls may more at Large Appeare now Know Yee that Wee the said James Lee and Elizabeth my Wife by theise p[re]sentes for our selues our Heires our Admin[i]strato[u]rs and Assignes and Euery of us and them and them Remise Releas quit Claime Exonerate and Discharge the said Arthur Worrall and John Dawson the said John beinge the suruiueinge trustee and his Heires Executo[u]rs Executo[u]rs Administrators and Assignes and Euery of them for Euer of all and all Maner of Actions and Causes of Actions suites Quarrells debtes dues and Demandes Sum[m]e and sumes of money Giftes bequestes Legasies Childes partes marridge poretions Claimes and Demandes Whatsomeuer Either in Law or Equity or otherwise howsomeuer Conserning the said Hundred pound Which Againste the said Arthur Worrall Diss[esse]d or the said John Dawson the said suruiuei[n]ge trustee as Afforesaid their heirs Executors Administrato[u]rs or Assignes Wee heartofore haue had or at time p[re]sente wee now haue or in time to Come Can or maye haue for or by matter or Reason of thinge Whatsomeuer Which had made Mooued Stired up or [filler] dependinge or haueinge beinge or begininge from the begininge of the World to the day of the date hearof Consern the same for Euermore hearafter In Wittness Whearof Wee the said James Lee and Elizabeth my Wife haue Iinter- -changeably put our handes and sealls this Twenty seuenth day of maye in ye year of our Lord God 1717 signed p[re]dicti James [mark] Lee Elisabeth Leigh sealled Signed and Deliuered in the p[re]sense and Wittness of us Isaac Woolfenden John Hill