Contractions Note that by this time, the frequency of contractions and suspensions had declined considerably.
That for pre- initially in a word was the most persistent in this document.

here pres-

In line 3, note that a horizontal stroke still occasionally intended a general contraction - the omission of some characters - so that sd with a horizontal stroke intended said.
That sort of omission could be indicated also by a superscript character implying the omission of previous character(s), as in Diss with superscript d for our deceased.
As frequently, however, a horizontal stroke might be spurious - i.e. having no meaning - as that over summe in line 6.
A superscript r often represents a previous character omitted, quite often u. An example is Executo{u]rs at line 5 where the final -rs are superscript.

Reverse e Note the frequency of reverse e.

Interchangeable characters Some characters are interchangeable: i/j; u/v; t/c. There are numerous examples of medial u representing v, but note also that initial v can replace u, as in us on line 14.

Minims Minims are the short, upright strokes which constitute m, n, u, i and their combinations. It is often difficult to decipher them except by the context. Note that at line 14 the writer has misconstrued the number of minims in Administratours!

Signatures, marks and seals There are actual signatures by Woofenden and Hill as witnesses and by Elizabeth as party, but James Lee placed his mark (a cross); note that his name (not signature) is in the same hand which wrote the entire document. There are shellac seals for both James and Elizabeth.

Ligatures Ligatures abound, particularly where c and/or t are combined with h as in ch or th; note also the cursive form of the h (here and throughout).

ch ligature (first two characters)

th ligature (first two characters)

Long s Note that there are two types of s - long s and short s. Long s tends to occur most frequently by this time in double s, the first being long and the second short.

here -ess

Some characters

ch ligature
d - looped d residual from the Secretary Hand
e - reverse e
L - here Le-
r - here double r
ss - long s and short s - here -fess
th ligature - here the
v for initial u - here unto
x note the looped tail- here -xe-