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[1]Know all men by theise p[re]sentes that Wee James Lee of Rachdale Within the County of Lancaster Bucher and
[2]Elizabeth my Wife do by theise p[re]sentes Acknowledge and Confess our selues to haue Receiued & had at ye day of the
[3]date hearof from the handes of Arthur Worrall of High=Compton Within the parrishe of Ouldam and County Affors[ai]d
[4]yeoman Dissessed And John Dawson of Turnough Within Butterworth in the parrishe of Rachdale and County Afforesaid
[5]yeoman Joynte Trusstees or Executo[u]rs of the Esstate of JOhn Hill of Cleay=landes=head yeoman Dissd in truste Consern-
[6]inge the yearly Leuiinge Raising and payinge of the summe of one Hundred pound unto the said Elizabeth my Wife
[7]Shee beinge Grandaughter of the said John Hill Dissd party to theise p[re]sentes of and from the Landes and tenementes
[8]of Claylandes=head Afforesaid by virtue of an Indenture or Deed of setlemente of marridge Which was Lately sollemnized
[9]betweene us the said James Lee and Elizabeth my Wife shee beinge Grandaughter or nephew to the said John Hill Dissd and
[10]for the Naturall Loue and Affection that he bare unto her ye said Ellizabeth and for the Raisinge her A marridge
[11]portion did Agree to and With the said James Lee for the Raising of the said one Hundred pound did Lawfully Impower and
[12]put in truste the heartofore named Trusteese as by the said Deed under our handes and sealls may more at Large
[13]Appeare now Know Yee that Wee the said James Lee and Elizabeth my Wife by theise p[re]sentes for our selues our Heires
[14]Exec[u]to[u]rs Administrato[u]rs and Assignes and Euery of us and them Remise Releas quit Claime Exonerate and Discharge the said
[15]Arthur Worrall and John Dawson the said John beinge the suruiueinge trustee and his Heires Executo{u}rs Administrators
[16]and Assignes and Euery of them forEuer of all and all Maner of Actions and Causes of Actions Suites Quarrells debtes
[17]dues and Demandes Sum[m]e and sumes of money Giftes bequestes Legasies Childes partes Marridge poretions Claimes and
[18]Demandes Whatsomeuer Either in Law or Equity or otherwise howsomeuer Conserning the said Hundred pound Which
[19]Againste the said Arthur Worrall Dissd or the said John Dawson the said suruiuege [sic] trustee as Afforesaid their heirs
[20]Executors Administrato[u]rs or Assignes Wee heartofore haue had or at time p[re]sente wee now haue or in time to Come
[21]Can or maye haue for or by any matter or Reason of thinge Whatsomeuer Which had made mooued stired up or
[22]dependinge or haueinge beinge or begininge from the begininge of the World to the day of the date hearof Consern
[23]the same Euermore hearafter In Wittness Whearof Wee the said James Lee and Elizabeth my Wife haue Inter-
[24]changeably put our handes and sealls this Twenty seuenth day of maye in ye year of our Lord God 1717
[25 left]Sealled Signed and Deliuered in the
p[re]sense and Wittness of us
Isaac Woolfenden
John Hill
[25 right]Signed p[re]d[ictus]
James Lee +
Elisabeth Leigh1