Charter of Gilbert de baseuile to John filius Walteri de la punde

In the transcription here, contractions and suspensions are extended silently.
[1]Sciant presentes et futuri quod Ego Gilebertus de baseuile filius Gileberti de Baseuile dedi concessi et hac presenti
[2]carta mea confirmaui Johanni filio Walteri de la punde de lokeswude pro seruicio suo et fidelitate sua tres acras libere
[3]terre mee In parochia de Billingehurst de bosco meo de la sparre et Iacent inter terram Radulphi de maleham ex parte boriali
[4]et boscum meum de la sparre ex parte australi Et inter unum camppum qui vocatur sparcrofte ex feodo prioris de heringeham
[5]ex parte occidentali et magnum Iter regale quod se ducit de Rugwyk' uersus nouum pontem ex parte orientali Hab-
[6]-endum et Tenendum [4] de me et heredibus meis uel assignatis sibi et heredibus suis uel assignatis uel cuicumque [5] illas cum omnibus per-
[7]-tinenciis suis dare uendere inpignorare uel assignare sanus uel eger uoluerit libere quiete bene et in pace
[8]finabiliter hereditarie exceptis domibus religiosis et iudaismis Reddendo inde annuatim michi et heredibus meis uel assignatis
[9]Ipse et heredes sui uel assignati octodecim denarios sterlingorum videlicet ad duos terminos ad festum sancti Thome apostoli nouem denarios
[10]et ad Natiuitatem beati Johannis baptiste nouem denarios pro omni seruitio et seculari exactione saluo seruitio domini Regis quantum de Iure
[11]pertinet ad tantam liberam terram eiusdem feodi Et ego uero dictus Gilebertus et heredes mei uel assignati dicto Johanni
[12]et heredibus suis uel assignatis totas predictas tres acras terre cum omnibus pertinenciis suis per predictum seruicium contra
[13]omnes gentes Warantizabimus defendemus et acquietabimus Pro hac autem donatione concessione et car-
[14]-te mee confirmatione dedit michi dictus Johannes septem solidos argenti premanibus in Gersumam Et quia volo
[15]quod hec mea donatio concessio et carte mee confirmatio rata et stabilis inperpetuum permaneat presenti scripto
[16]sigillum meum apposui Hiis Testibus Willelmo de maleham Willelmo le clerk' de la sparre Johanne le frie de billinge-
[17]-hurst Willelmo de howyk' Roberto de la dunhurst Johannede kingesfaud Willelmo de bernetfaud Willelmo de la hok'
[18]Henrico de exfaud Johanne de Wehurst Willelmo colyn et multis aliis

[1]May present and future [persons] know that I Gilbert de baseuile son of Gilbert de Baseuile have given, granted and by this my [my is on line 2] present
[2]charter have confirmed to John son of Walter de la punde of Loxwood for his service and his fealty three acres of my [my is from line 3] free
[3]land [mea taken to line 2] In the parish of Billingshurst [1] of my wood of la sparre and [the three acres] Lie between the land of Ralph de maleham on the northern side
[4]and my wood of la sparre on the southern side And between a field which is called sparcrofte of the Prior of Hardham's [2] fee
[5]on the western side and the great royal way [highway] which leads from Rudgwick [3] towards the new bridge on the eastern side To have [breaks over line]
[6]and To hold from me and my heirs or assigns to him and his heirs or assigns or to whomever those [three acres] with all their appurtenances [broken to next line]
[7]he shall wish well or ill to give, sell, mortgage or assign freely, quietly, well and in peace
[8]completely, hereditarily except for religious houses and Jews Paying therefrom yearly to me and my heirs or assigns
[9]He and his heirs or assigns 18d. sterling, that is, at two terms, at the feast of St Thomas the Apostle 9d.
[10]and at the Nativity of the blessed John the Baptist 9d. for all service and secular exaction except for the lord King's service as much as by Right
[11]belongs to so much free land of the same fee And I the said Gilbert and my heirs or assigns, moreover, to the said John
[12]and his heirs or assigns all the aforesaid 3 acres of land with all their appurtenances by the aforesaid service against
[13]all men shall Warrant defend and acquit For this gift, moreover, grant and confirmation of my charter [this phrase breaks across the line]
[14]the said John gave to me 7s. of silver beforehand in Entry fine And since I wish
[15]that this my gift, grant and confirmation of my charter shall remain good and firm forever, to the present writing
[16]I have set my seal By these Witnesses William de maleham, William le clerk' de la sparre, John le frie of Billings-
[17]-hurst, William de Howyk', Robert de la dunhurst John de kingesfaud William de bernetfaud William de la hok'
[18] Henry de exfaud John de Wehurst William colyn and many others

[1] Billingshurst (Sussex) is near to Horsham, Sussex, at TQ087254. [Click your browser's back button]
[2] The priory of St Cross of Hardham, sometimes called Heringham, an Austin Canon house founded some time after ?1248: V.C.H. Sussex volume 2 (repr. 1973), pp. 74-5; D. Knowles and N. Hadcock, Medieval Religious Houses in England and Wales (repr. 1971), p. 140. [Click your browser's back button]
[3] Rudgwick (Sussex) is a few miles north of Billingshurst, at TQ090338. [Click your browser's back button]
[4] Habendas et Tenendas would also be acceptable, agreeing with the tres acras. [Click your browser's back button]
[5] Cuicunque is acceptable. [Click your browser's back button]