Hinderclay court roll

Hinderclay court roll

Hinderclay was a manor of the Abbey of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. This extract is from the Bacon MSS in Chicago.

Court held there on Wednesday next after the feast of the Annunciation of the Lady [i.e. Blessed Virgin Mary] in the year abovesaid.

It is ordered It is ordered as many times before to make to come Adam le Sutere to answer to Simon Walnote about a plea of debt. And to distrain Adam filius Roberti filii Petri to satisfy the lord about several trespasses against the lord.

It is ordered It is ordered to attach Adam de Cleye to answer to Hugh Gos about a plea of trespass. And to attach Agnes de Blakewelle to answer to Thomas Noble about a plea of debt. And to distrain by everything Walter le Heyward to answer the lord for that he maintained and received several trespassers in the lord's wood.

Fine 6d. Agnes wife of John Bryd present in court and she cannot deny that she unjustly falsely and maliciously defamed Hugh filius Benedicte implying that he should have carried the lord's grain outside the grange to the serious damage of the same Hugh. Therefore [she is] in mercy.

Entry Fine 12d. Richard Folkemere junior came into the full court and surrendered into the lord's hand ½ acre of land to the use of Robert del Grop and Adam del Grop and their heirs to whom seisin is granted thereof To hold from the lord at will saving the right of anyone And they give to the lord for entry therein [12d. in the margin] To have ... Pledge each for each other [literally the other for the other].

It is ordered It is ordered to keep in the lord's hand a messuage and a pit with six acres of land which were of Walter Hare on the day when he fled and moreover all the chattels of the same Walter as are contained in the schedule.

Fine 6d. <it is condoned by the lord> From Walter Butoun for moving bounds

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