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These three items provide background historical material.


Probate records


Religious affiliations

Kinship networks

Statute of Wills

Probate Accounts

Probate inventories

See bibliography of Dr Fox.

Probate Inventories: useful editions

There are very many editions of probate inventories, which include:

* In the Fitch Library.

The Early Modern Land Law

I have attempted to reduce the number of works to bare essentials with the emphasis on more recent work which encapsulates earlier work. I do not include work specifically about courts/jurisdictions or personnel of the legal profession (e.g. Brooks, Prest, Ives), but I can give you pointers if you are interested. I also concentrate exclu- sively on the early modern period (e.g. excluding Man- chester's textbook on legal developments after 1750 or the seminal tome by Megarry and Wade).


Earlier developments

Uses and trusts, which are in a sense the antecedents of strict settlement, have a long history before 1580. The collusive actions involved in strict settlement (as well as the notion of entails) also had their origins in the medieval period, but I will spare you the literature.

Strict settlement: the family




Equity of redemption in mortgages is treated in the general works.

Easter Books and churchwardens' accounts