Item we saye uppon oure Othes that Margerye Gyllsone Late
wyfe unto one John' Gyllsonne dyd not at any tyme in
[before] hir Lyfe tyme Surrendre unto the saied John' [Wills]
Gyllsone one Cottage and one crafte within the mannur of
Barkebye aforesayed before too of the lordes tenauntes
of the mannor aforesaied accordinge unto the Custome
of the mannor aforesaied [Therefore] wherefore the
saied Cottage and Crofte with thappurtenunces Remayneth
in the handes of the Lorde of the manner aforeseide
Which sayed Margerye Dyed abowte the Second day
of Marche in Anno Domini 1572

Note that the date would be OS/NS 1572/3