May it be made known to all hearing or seeing these letters that I William Peuerel with the consent and advice/

and well-wishing of Wm my son and heir and of all the rest of my friends and men/

have granted and given by a firm gift in pure and perpertual alms for the salvation of my soul and/

the soul of my father and of my mother and of my heirs and of all my kin and predecessors [soul -- anima -- since they all each only have one soul] to God and the church of St Mary/

of Garendon all my land in Costock which I had in my lordship/

that is, which Robert and Godwin and Hamo and their men held with all things to the aforesaid land/

belonging as much in water as in pastures and meadows and fields and ways and in all places/

free and quit from all earthly service Of this gift and alms the witnesses are Robert/

son of Helgot, Robert son of Warner, Ingelram brother of the sheriff, Peter de Sandiacur, Ralph de Anesleia,/

Gervase son of Richard, Geoffrey de Brigef[ord], Ghiffol, Adam, Gilbert the chaplain, Mr Sarlo Gervase/

and Geoffrey de cliftona, Jordan son of Gilbert de plumtre, Aszur son of Wlfac, Richard de Aluer


May it be made known to all sons of Holy Mother church both present and future that I William Peverel/

grant and confirm the gift which Walter de Strethleia and his sons gave to God and/

to the church of St Mary of Garendon that is 13 bovates of land in Costock/

6½ in pure alms and 6½ in fee farm for 5s yearly/

as their chirograph is witness By these witnesses Wm Clerfei, Robert son of Ralph, Wm de/

Ypro, Silvester, Gervase son of Richard, Geoffrey Folet, Gilbert de Bartun, Wm son of Lambert,/

Wm Rufus [the red], Gilbert the chaplain, Geoffrey the clerk, Azur son of Ulfac, Osbert the chamberlain

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