videlicet: that is (Latin) Laund: laundry
elne: ell (45" -- cloth measure) ioyned: "joined" (made by a joiner)
potthangles: chains in chimney for pots Chaffebed: straw bed
tongues: horizontal mark is spurious flytchins: sides
trucklebedd: a low, small bed on wheels beddticke: a case for feathers or flock
beddhillinges: covering Closse stoole: commode
strikes: level bushels Masleyne: mixture of wheat and rye
ferkine: wooden cask (9 gallons) vargis: verjuice (crab apple vinegar)
greates: large oats Lyne seede: linseed
save: safe possenettes: small metal pots
Chafeinge dishe: for keeping food warm Cobberdes: cobirons (for holding spits)
vijs viijd: not clear yeeleinge: yelling (brewing vat)
thre: not clear troahe: trough
peale: wooden spatula (for hot bread) boultinge: meal or flour of sieving
hutche: bin searce: sarch (sieve)
dayhouse: dairyhouse the marks here are just fillers
hurdes: coarse linen on: one
twillye: coarse linen bed covering buyers: beers
axeltree: beam connecting 2 wheels cloutes: iron plates
pitcheforketynes: forks of the pitchfork Cratches: mangers
sleade: beam Joystes: some matter erased
Annunciacion ...: Lady Day (25 March) jCli: 100
bande: bond (obligation in writing)