An Introduction

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Introductory bibliography for palaeography

Literacy and background




Tools of the trade

Any edition in most cases

Additionally, there are DuCange, Cappelli and the revised medieval Latin wordlists emanating in fascicles from the Bodleian Library.

Introductory bibliography for charters

Four items only are being recommended here, concentrating on the early development of the charter. Additionally, reference will be made in the seminars and in the hypertext tutorials to other important work; how far you engage with that other literature is for you to decide. For the later developments, formalised by statute law, reference will be made in the seminars to secondary works, but you will not be required to follow those through. The extent to which you read the wider secondary literature depends on your personal interests and your workload for other parts of the M.A. course.

Plates of charters

Calendars [abstracts] of charters

Introductory bibliography for cartularies