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[1] To all christian people to whome this p[re]sent wrightinge shall come Willyam Sansom of Croxliegreene
[2] in the p[ar]ish of Rickmersworth in the countie of Hertf' yeom[an] sendeth greetinge in our Lord god eu[er]lastinge
[3] Whereas I the sayd Willyam Sansom haue heeretofore by mie deed indented bearing date the seauenth day
[4] of June last past before the date heereof conveyed and assured unto Jhon [sic] Heyward of Croxlie [filler] greene
[5] aforesayd yeom[an] one close or croft of land called Pupling croft conteyning by estimation three acres more
[6] or lesse being in or neere Croxlie greene aforesayd uppon this condic[i]on that is to say that yf I the sayd
[7] Willyam Sansom my heyres executors or assigns or any of us shall well and trulie pay or cause to
[8] payd [sic] unto the sayd Jhon Heyward his executors or assigns the som[m]e of eight and twentie pownds and
[9] twelve shillings of lawfull english money att or uppon the eighth day of June now next ensewinge
[10] att the dwelling howse of the sayd Jhon Heyward scituate in Croxlie greene aforesayd that then yt
[11] shall and may be lawfull for mee the sayd Willyam Sansom and my heyres into the sayd croft of land
[12] to reenter and the same to haue againe repossesse and enioye as in our former estate and right
[13] any thinge in the sayd deed indented to the contrarie notw[i]thstandinge as in and by the sayd deed indented
[14] more att large doth and may appeare NOW KNOW yee that I the sayd Willyam Sansom for divers good
[15] causes and considerations mee thereunto moevinge haue remised released and quite claymed and by
[16] these p[rese]nt[es] doe remise releas and for mee and my heyres quite claime unto the sayd Jhon
[17] Heyward and his heyres the sayd recyted condic[i]on TO haue and to hold the sayd croft of land w[i]th thapp[er]t[e]n[a]nc[es]
[18] unto the sayd Jhon Heyward his heyres and assigns absolutelie w[i]thout the sayd condic[i]on and whoelie discharged
[19] thereof and of all penalties and forfeytures that may arise or grow heereafter for or by reason of the
[20] same In Wittnes whereof I the sayd Willyam Sansom haue heereunto sett my hand and seale the seauenteenth
[21] day of May in the twelveth yeere of the raigne of o[u]r sou[er]eine Lord Kinge James by the grace of god of
[22] England France and Ireland and of Scotland the seaven and Fortieth
[Signed on the plica or turn-up] William [S]ansom [on either side of the missing seal tag]