[1]Know all men by these Presents that
[2]I Joseph Holden Citizen and Haberdasher
[3]of London Have on the day of the
[4]date hereof Received of George
[5]Baron of London Merch[an]t the Sum[m]e
[6]of Seaven hundred & ten Pounds of
[7]Lawfull money of England being
[8]the Consideration money menc[i]oned to
[9]be payd unto me in one Pair of
[10]Indentures bearing even date with
[11]these Presents and made or menc[i]oned
[12]to be made between William Angell
[13]Citizen and Grocer of London me the
[14]said Joseph Holden and William Wilkinson Citizen
[15]and Skinner of London of the One
[16]Parte And the s[ai]d George Baron
[17]of the other Parte The Receipt whereof
[18]I doe hereby Acknowledge and thereof
[19]and of every Parte thereof doe hereby
[20]Acquet and Discharge the said George
[21]Baron his Executors Adm[inistratou]rs and Assignes
[22]forever In witnesse whereof I have
[23]hereunto put my hand and Seal the
[24]fifteenth day of February in the One
[25]and Thirtieth Yeare of the Raigne of
[26]our Soveraigne Lord Charles the Second
[27]by the Grace of God King of England &
[28]Annoq[u]e D[o]m[in]i 1678
[29]Sealed and delivered
[30]in the Presence of
[31]Tho[mas] Lambe
[32]W[illia]m Angell j[u]n[io]r
[33]Tho[mas] Fitch
Sealed with the signature of Joseph Holden on the right at the foot.