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The objectives of the module are related to the amount of time available to deliver the material, that is, ten hours in eight sessions. Please maintain that perspective. What you should be able to achieve at the end of these sessions, in the test, is to transcribe a passage with a fair degree of accuracy and to answer one or two supplementary questions about the background to the document, usually related to the administrative aspects of its production. The hand will be a fairly legible and well-formed Secretary Hand. The length of the passage for transcription will vary according to the length of the lines in the document, the vocabulary, and the degree of difficulty of the hand, but should be commensurate with a working time of 45 minutes. [You have an additional 15 minutes to answer the supplementary questions]. The assessment is related to the degree of difficulty of the document, so that a document which appears more difficult may well be assessed more lightly than one which seems easy. The mode of assessment for each document is prepared before the test, on the following criteria:
Remember that our definition of palaeography for the purposes of this course is the practical ability to transcribe a passage of text. This course does not relate to palaeography as a discrete and conceptual discipline.

The test

The test consists of two questions from which you will select one. Answer only one question. We recommend that you spend 45 minutes on the transcription and 15 minutes on the supplementary question(s). Do not normalise the spelling of words; do retain upper case; do retain roman numerals; expand contractions and suspensions, where you can, either silently (that is, just expand them) or, if you wish, in square brackets; and so transcribe as you see the text; use footnotes, if you wish, to explain ambiguous or uncertain readings.

How much should you write in response to the supplementary questions? How long is a piece of string?! Aim to write at least half a page in your yellow answer book (that is, half a page of A4). Some answers will require a page of A4. The amount that you can write will depend on the nature of the document. Keep your answers concise and to the point. If you are pressed for time, you may write your answers in note form. Information about the background to the documents is provided on a separate page. Do not regard this information as a 'model answer'; it is more comprehensive than a 'model answer' might require. Do aim, however, to introduce the salient points about specific pieces of legislation or administrative structures or jurisdictions.

Learning strategies

Adopt any learning strategies with which you feel most comfortable. Here are some strategies which people have found useful.

Strategies in the test

You will have to find the strategy with which you are most comfortable, but here are some ideas: