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Important note: only one document is shown here, but in the test you will have two, from which you will select ONE only; they will usually be marked A and B. This image is reduced; in the test, your document will be actual size, but you may use a magnifying glass, should you wish.

Modern Regional Cultures
Test of Skill
Saturday 18 January 1997

Answer either Question 1 (Document A) or Question 2 (Document B). You are advised to spend 45 minutes on the transcription and 15 minutes on the supplementary question(s). In your transcription, extend where possible all contractions or suspensions, but retain original capitalisation and spelling.

Question 1 (Document A)

(a)Transcribe the passage in the red box.

(b)What procedures would have taken place after the death of the testator?

Question 2 (Document B)

(a) Transcribe the passage in the red box.

(b) Explain why this class of document was produced and any problems which might have resulted from its production.