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A true Terrio[u]r of all such Gleeb land and
Howses & Gardens as ar bellonging unto
the Rectorie or parsonage of Popleton taken
by John Elkes and George Marret
Churchwardens ther 26 Januarij Anno 1616

Inp[ri]mis lying in the North Fyeld of Popleton 46 Landes of arrable
It[e]m ther lying in the South Fyeld of arrable Landes --- 43
It[e]m the Seaverall Groundes lying about the parsonage howse
containing by estimac[i]on about three akers
It[e]m two pleckes of medowe Ground bellonging to the said Rectorie
wherof the on  lieth at the brook[es] side towardes Woodward Hill and ye other
at   the end of the Medowe called Boxall Meddowe w[hi]ch two plecke[es]
of medowe containe by estimac[i]on an aker and a halfe
It[e]m the Tith of a litle Medowe w[i]thin the parishe of Parshore {worth 4s a}  yeare
Lying by or nere unto aven  called by the name of pirton medowe
nowe in the occupac[i]on of one Edmond parsons of Parshore
It[e]m the dwelling Howse w[i]th a litle Gardaine adioining to the
same, the dwelling howse containeth by estimation three bayes of Building
It[e]m two Barnes and a Stabell containing by estimation
about Seaven Bayes of Bilding w[i]th on  litle pigges Cote

						Jhon Elkes
per me Samuelem Giles
Rect[orem] ibid[em]				George marrot his mark

All the Glebe belonginge unto the saide Rectorie or parsonage
Contaynethe in estimation Accordinge to the rate of the
parishe About xl Acers

An estimate of the Gleebe land and other profittes of the benifice
of Mortoun Corbett taken by the persons undernamed  the xixth
day of October Anno Domini 1612

Inprimis an house thetched of three small bayes with a backside contayning
one acre of grounde and a little garden  alsoe one meadowe therunto
adioyning of two dayes mowinge
Item one inclosure att the townes end contayning sixe acres  Item one
leasowe called the Brickhill leasowe deuided into two partes contayning
by estimacion sixe acres in all  Item one leasowe called the Middle lesowe
contayning fiue acres
Item in the Lea-field two ridges in the filandes abutting uppon the field
hedge att the west ende and uppon a headland of Sir Vincent Corbettes
att the easte ende   Item one butte shooting downe from the same headland
uppon the grounde of Walter Payne   Item one butt the east end therof
shooting uppon the corner of the field hedge att the west end abutting
uppon the land of Walter Payne  Item one other butt the easte
ende shooting uppon the filde hedge the west end uppon the land of John
Gennins   Item one headland lying under the fielde hedge and too
little buttes shooting uppon the same hadland all this grounde in this
lea field containing by estimacion three acres
Item  in the sandie field three acres lying together with the west end
uppon the highe way and the east ende abutting uppon the grounde
of William Hisledine
Item in the Birche field three ridges lying withe the west ende upp
to the birches hedge and the east ende abutting uppon a headland
belonging therunto withe two little buttes shooting uppon the other end
of the same headland  Item two buttes lying together in the crabtree
furlonge the northe endes reaching to the field hedge and the south
ende abutting uppon the lande of Walter Payne   Item One other butt
lying under the hedge att the fielde gate all being by estimacion three
acres & a half and this is the whole Gleebe land belonging to the
benifice of Morton Corbett
Item therunto belonging all kinde of tithes of Morton Corbett wherin are
the Castle too teames and three Cottages  Item all kynde of tithes of
Preston Brockhurst excepting only hey which they hold (as they say) by custome
paying therfore att Easter some vjd. some iiijd. some more some lesse  ther are
in Preston foure teames sixe small teames and three cottages  Ther is
paid out of Morton Benifice yearly to his maiestie for the tenth xs. iiijd.qua. 
to the Archdeacon  xijd. for Synodalls & xxd. for procurations besides all
other ordinary and extraordinary charges att Visitacions and such like

Various signatures including on the right side in a humanistic hand 'Lewys Taylor'  in his own hand and then in a Secretary Hand his status, minister  there.

T[estamentum] Will[elm]i Levinz de Ciuitat[e] Oxon[iensis]

In dei nomine amen I Will[ia]m Levinz of the Cittie of Oxon'
Alderman, being sick in bodie, but of good and p[er]fect remembrance
Thankes  be geven to allmightie god) Doe make and ordayne my
last Will and Testament, in maner and forme followinge
hereby Revoking all former Wills by me made First I doe
willingly and w[i]th a good hart geve and bequeath my soule unto 
my loving god that gave it unto me, Trusting through the merittes
of my alone saviour Christ Jesus that he will receave itt into
his glorie and place it in the Company of his heavenly angells
and blessed sayntes And I com[m]end my body to the earth
to be buried in the p[ar]ish Church of All sayntes in the Cittie
aforesaid Hoping assuredly That at the gen[er]all resurrection
my loving god will make it like unto the glorious bodie of his
sonne my only lord and savio[u]r Jesus Christ Item I geve 
and bequeath unto the poore people of Oxford three poundes in
money Item I geue and bequeath unto the Mayo[u]r bayliffes and 
Com[m]ynalty of the Cittie of Oxon' Forty shillinges in money It[e]m
I geue and bequeath unto my sonne Will[ia]m Levinz of Botley
Forty shillinges and to eche of his foure children ten shillinges
apeece Item I geve unto Martha Levinz and Joane Levinz
daughters of my sonne Humfrey Levinz Forty powndes apeece
To be paid in convenient tyme out of the rentes of my Parsonage
of Emley in Northamptonsheere Item I geue unto my sonne in law
Henry Nicolls twenty shillinges in money And to his daughter 
Dorothie a dozen of home made table napkins All the rest of my
goodes and chattells I geue and bequeath unto my said sonne
Humfrey Levinz Whom I make my sole executor of this
my last will and testament And I doe appoynt my loving 
frend Mr William Potter and my said sonne Will[ia]m Levinz
my Overseers unto whom I geue xxs apeece In witnesse
Whereof I haue herevnto put my hand and seale the day
and yeare first aboue written These being witnesses

On the left is the testator's own signature; 
on the right the signatures or marks of the witnesses, 
Christopher West, Thomas Bird, John Toui (mark), Henry Hollowaie (mark), 
and Thomas Bird junior

At the foot is the memorandum of the grant of probate: 
Probatum apud Oxon' 18o Maij 1616 Coram magistro etc

In the name of God Amen the Sixteenth day of September
in the fifteenth yeare of the Raigne of our sou[er]aigne Lord King Charles the second &
in the yeare of our Lord 1663 I Christopher Rushbrooke of Earswell in the county 
of Suff[olk] and in the Diocesce of Norwich being sicke of body but of perfect memory doe make
 and ordaine in wryting this my last will and Testament in manner and forme followinge
First and principally I give and bequeath my  soule to God that gaue it and to Jesus Christe
my Redeemer hopeinge by his Death and passion to haue free p[ar]don and remission of all my 
sinnes and to remaine with the number of his elect Children My body I give and bequeath
unto  the Earth whereof it was first made Decently to be buried in christian buriall at the
discrec[i]on of my hereafter named Executrix Conc[er]ninge my worldly goods I give and bequeath 
as followeth Item I give and bequeath unto Christopher Rushbrooke my sonne Twentie
shillings of currant English money to be payd within one yeare next after my Decease Item 
I give and bequeath unto Richard Seamer  my Grandchild Twenty shillings of currant English
money to be payd within two yeares next after my Decease by my hereafter named Executrix
Item I give and bequeath unto Myles Marham my sonne in lawe Twenty shillings of currant 
English money to be payd within three yeares next after my Decease Item I give & bequeath 
unto Margarett Sparke my Daughter in lawe Twenty shillings of currant English money to be
payd within foure yeares next after my decease Item I give and bequeath unto Mary Marham 
my Daughter in lawe Twenty shillings of currant English money to be payd within five yeares
next after my Decease All the rest of my goods of what kynd soever I give and bequeath unto
Margarett Rushbrooke my loueing wife whom I make sole Executrix of this my last
will and Testament utterly revokeinge all wills by me form[er]ly made Doe declare this to
be my last will and Testament In the p[re]sence
and wittnes of Christopher Rushbrooke Peter Folkes his m[ar]ke Edmund Chapman

Note of the grant of probate in Latin.

A true and perfecte Inventorie Indented
of all the goodes, Cattelles, Chattelles Implementes and utensilles of
householde stuffe and husbandrye of William Orton
Clerke late parson of Sheldon in the Countie of Warwicke deceassed
made, taken and praysed the xxixth day of Aprill Anno Domini 1628
by William Smythe, Henrie Shawe, Thomas Charman and Richarde
Allen alias Carter all of Sheldon aforesaide yeomen in manner
and forme followinge: videlicet
In primis in his Studie All his bookes			xiiijli iiijs ijd
Item all his Apparell and furniture to him belonginge	vjli
Item readie money in his purse				iijli viijs iiijd
Item his wyves apparell remayninge beinge lately deceasse before him
a greate parte of it, beinge gyven awaye in his lyfe		xxxs
Item a Saddle, Saddle Cloathe and a pillion			xs
Item one beddsteede and two trunckes			xxs
Item one featherbedd, three bolsters and one pillowe		xliiijs
Item one Rugge, a blanckett & Curteynes & Curteyne roddes xixs
Item one forme, two stooles, certaine shielfes & fower litle boxes iiijs vjd
Item one Laund  Iron, a paire of tongues, a Chamber pott & golde waightes iiijs
Item one staffe with a Rapier in it, a dudgin hafte dagger with
two knyves in it, and a gyrdle					vjs viijd
Item in his wyves truncke, xs in golde, one golde Ringe & a silver Ringe xxs
Item one elne  of launde and vij elnes of flaxen Cloathe	xvs ijd
In the utter parloure, one table with a frame, sixe
ioyned  stooles and one Chaire				xvs
Item one presse with Cupboordes in it, and some sugar & fruites in it xvs xd
Item ix Cuishions, iij wyndow curteyne & Curteyne roddes	ixs
Item two laund Irons, one plate & one paire of potthangles 	iijs
In the Inner parloure, one beddsteede			xijs
Item one featherbedd, a Chaffebedd , two bolsters and two pillowes xxxiijs iiijd
Item one greene Rugge, two blanckettes, greene Curteynes with greene 
fringes and Curteyne roddes					xxxiijs iiijd
Item one Cheste, one litle table with a frame and Carpett	viijs
Item a litle ioyned stoole, a lookeinge glasse and a brushe	ijs iiijd
In the halle, two tables with frames, a forme, two
benches and one Cupboorde					xvijs
Item one olde Coffer, a dresser, and one Cradle		iiijs vjd
Item, one Colegrate, two paire of potthangles a fyre shovell, one
paire of tongues , and one plate				xjs
Item two Chaires, one ioyned stoole, and a stoole frame	ijs
Item seaven flytchins  of bacon				iijli vs
Item one olde salte barrell, a Cole hatchett and one paire of bellowes xijd
In the Chamber nexte the Studie, one bedsteede, one
trucklebedd , two flockebeddes and three bolsters		xxixs
Item one beddticke , three beddhillinges  and two blanckettes xxijs viijd
Item one truncke, two Coffers, and a litle falling table	xijs iiijd
Item a flaskett, a Closse stoole , a paire of bellowes, & a bristle brushe xijd
In the Chamber over the litle parlour, a ioyned bedd=
steed, a trucklebedde and one Coffer				xiiijs
Item one featherbedd, a flockebedd, and one woole bedd	xxvjs viijd
Item three bolsters, a white Rugge, a bedd hillinge & three blanckettes xxiiijs iiijd
Item one sett of Curteynes, and Curteyne roddes		viijs
Item att the stayres heade, one playne bedd steed		xijd
In the Chamber over the Halle, vij strikes  of wheate
and Masleyne , and fyve strikes of barley			xxvijs
Item two strikes of grunde maulte, and twelve Cheeses	xvjs
Item one hoggesheade & one ferkine  with vargis  in theym	vjs viijd
Item one Coffer and certaine woole				viijs
Item three bagges with some greates  and oatemeale	iijs vjd
Item one maulte syve, an olde Churne, and some Lyne seede  therein xijd
In the butterie, xvijli waight of the beste pewter		xiiijs ijd
Item xviijli of olde pewter, and sixe pewter dishes		xiijs viijd
Item one flaggen and other smale pewter			vijs iiijd
Item seaven barrelles with some beyre in some of theym	xjs viijd
Item two Jugges, certaine glasses, & one table with a frame	vjs
Item one save , one glasse save, and certaine shielfes		vs
Item three olde silver spoones					xiijs iiijd
Item one sunne diall, certaine breade and some Cheese	xxd
In the kitchin, xlviijli waight of kettle brasse,		
some good, some badde					xlviijs
Item lxxxiiijli waghte of pott mettall, some good, some badd  xxviijs
Item two possenettes , one litle kettle, a Chafeinge dishe , a skymmer
and a wyer Candlesticke					ijs viijd
Item one paire of Cobberdes , fower spittes, and one grid Iron vs xd
Item two fryeinge pannes, and two paire of Potthookes	iiijs
Item an olde Iron grate, and xixli of other olde Iron in waighte xixd
Item a Cheese presse, two tubbes, and one Iron fotte		iiijs ixd
In the dayehouse, xij earthen Creampottes, seaven milke
pannes, ij Cuppes, one pottes, and two pipkins		ijs ijd
Item certaine shielfes & benches, and three wooden platters vs vjd
[There is a join here with stitching]
Item one Churne, a paire of  Butter waightes, and musterd quernes vijs viijd  
Item two yeeleinge  fattes, one loome, certaine pailes, Cheese fattes & calves mawes 								vijs viijd
Item one shreadinge knyfe, a Choppinge knife thre  basters, some breade,
a troahe , and one wooden peale 				iijs ijd
In the boultinge  house, one boultinge hutche  a doughe
troahe, one tubb of feathers, and two strikes of meale	xjs ijd
Item one haire syve, a searce , a reevinge syve, a pecke & three wheeles ijs xd
In the Chamber over the dayhouse , two Coffers, an olde
troahe with a cover, fower boordes, & certaine woole	xvjs vjd
Item one syve     and certaine hempe and hurdes 		xs ijd
Item over the Entrie, one plaine beddsteede, an olde woolebedd,
on  twillye  one hillinge and one sheete			vs
Item in the litle butterie, two litle barrelles, a Choppinge boorde
a lanthorne and certaine shielfes				ijs iiijd
Item lynnyns,: three paire of flaxen sheetes			xxxs
Item sixe paire of hempen sheetes				xls
Item eighte paire of hurden sheetes				xxxijs
Item one diaper table cloathe, and one dyaper towell	  	xijs
Item two flaxen table cloathes, and one hempen table Cloathe vijs
Item one flaxen towell, & fyve hurden table Cloathes	vijs
Item one dozen of flaxen napkins, fower stitched flaxen napkins
and seaven hempen table napkins				xiijs
Item one dozen of hurden napkins, a hurden towell & a wallett ijs viijd
Item two elnes & a quarter of flaxen Cloathe, and one face cloathe iiijs viijd
Item sixe pillow buyers  and certaine yarne			ixs
Item Cattell: nyne sheepe and lambes			liiijs vjd
Item two kyne with calves & three barren kyne		xiiijli
Item three two yeare olde heyfers, and one bullchine		vjli vjs viijd
Item three yeareolde Calves					iijli vjs viijd
Item one gelding 3li 13s 4d and two maars 5li 13s 4d 	ixli vjs viijd
Item one three yeare olde colte 3li 13s 4d, & one two year old colte 40s vli xiijs iiijd
Item fower store swyne or pigges				xls
Item one Carte with Iron bounde wheeles			xls
Item fower paire of horse geyres, a paire of Fillhomes & a cartesadle xvs
Item one forehalter, a longhalter, a Ringhalter, a bellye bande,
a Carte Rope, and one Cuttinge sythe			vs iiijd
Item one spade, one shovell, one Mattocke, one Axe, iij wedges & an old Axe iiijs viijd
Item three horselockes and two hayhookes			xxijd
Item a saddle, a bridle, a horsecloathe, a pannell and a hopper iiijs viijd
Item one old axeltree  with cloutes , a skeyne bille, fower pitcheforkes
a paire of pitcheforketynes , and one horse Combe		ijs xjd
Item one teather with a togge and three Ropes		iijd
Item two tumbrell barges, two paire of draughtes and one
paire of Iron bounde Wheeles					xliijs iiijd
Item one plowe with Irons, a swingletree, a barrow, & an olde cartebodie vjs vjd
Item certaine woode & pales att ye tyld barne end, & an olde nathe with Irons xjs
Item certayne Coles, and two ruckes of brushe kyddes	xxxixs viijd
Item one rucke of Corde woode in the backe syde		xxvjs viijd
Item two Cratches , one yate, and a plowe sleade 		vijs
Item seaven duckes and one drake				ijs iiijd
Item xvijen hennes, a cocke, a henne with sixe Chickens	viijs ixd
Item one Turkyecocke, two hennes, & sixe yonge turkeys	iiijs vjd
Item a litle hay and strawe, an olde wynnow Cloathe & a litle
woode in the barnes, and in the house			xviijd
Item Corne in the barne					vijli xs
Item two lathers, two drye tumbles & certaine boordes in the barne & stable xvjs vjd
Item xvjen Joystes    & certaine wood in the yarde & stable ende vjs
Item for all the mucke in the yardes				iijli
Item all the Corne, peaze and oates on the grounde		vjli xs
Item one stocke in the foulde yarde				ijd
Item certaine Maulte in William Newayes house		xlijs
Item xxix strike and one gallon of oates			xlijs iiijd
Item one brasse panne certaine brasse candlestickes & a chafinge dishe xxijs iiijd
Item an olde presse, an olde table, and an olde hutche	ijs
Item an olde beddsteede, an olde Cheste, and two Coffers	ixs
Item certaine Masleyne in a Chamber att William Newayes	xviijs
Item one musterd mylle, an olde lanthorne, a wheele, an olde Chaire
and some other smale Implementes in the same Chamber	iijs xjd
Item the Reversion  of one lease for two yeares
to come as yett, praysed att xxvli a yeare			lli
Item one lease in Reuersion for xvjen yeares to come, to begyne att the
Annunciacion of Sainte Marie  Anno Domini 1630		jC li  
Item certaine groundes taken by Articles, & a bande  for performance
of Covenauntes of Samuell Allen alias Carter and by Agreemente xxxli
Item the Rente of one parcell of grounde for one yeare	xviijs
Item all other thinges (yf any be) unremembred or unseene	vs
		Summe totall  334li 12s 5d

Item debtes desperate in one debte booke
concerninge his schollers					xiijs iiijd
Item debtes desperate in another booke concerninge his parishoners xiijs iiijd

		Summe totall of desperate debtes is xxvjs viijd

Anno domini 1596

Item layd out At Berry for our charges before the 
Commesarye  for our dyscharge					iijs iiijd
Item payd to Anthonye Kydd the tenthe of Aprell'
for sevene dayes worke for him selfe					viijs ijd
Item payd to him for his sonn' for xj dayes work & a halfe		xs vjd
Item payd to him for laboreres for xxith   dayes			xiiijs
Item payd to Edmund Docking for three baldrickes for ye belles	ijs
Item layd out for the mending of the clocke to the smythe		iijs jd
Item payd to Master Dalison' for wryting of our bylles Indented	xviijd
Item layd out for our charges upon the dyscharg
of our sitacion At Berry the forthe of Maij				iiijs
Item payd to Ambross Jeffreye ye nynthe of Maij			
for xvten quartes of Muskedyne					xvs
and sevene quartes of Clarret wyne					iiijs viijd
Item payd to gorge Boydon plumer of Berrye ye
xvten daye of Maij for mending of our ledes 				vjli vs xd
Item payd to Costyne of Barton' for one Chalder 
of lime ye xv daye of Maij						vjs viijd
Item payd to Jeames Knyte for Carring of on 
Chalder of lime & one lode of sand ye xviijten of Maij		ijs ijd
Item layd oute for Carring & Recarring of one ledd
From Berrye								iijs ijd
Item payd to Edmund Dockinge the xxvijten of Jonnij for quartarges	ijs iiiid
Item payd to Anthony Kedd ye xxvijte[n] 
of Jenij for xj dayes worke			xs  for oyle ijd
Item payd to Anthonye Kedd for A laborer for fyvfe dayes		iijs iiijd
Item layd out for twoe bushelles of hare for ye masson	 	vjd
Item layd owt to the Roper of worlington {for}  one bell' Ropp	iijs
Item layd ovt to the smyth for nayles for the plvmer			xd
for the leddes

Item to Mr Dallison for makinge of the bills Indented		ijs
Item to John Church							vjd
Item for the putting in of our bills Indented				viijd
Item to Edmund Docken for his quarter wages			iijs vjd
and baldricks
Item for wyne for a Commvnion on palm sunday
Item for wyne for a Commvnion on mandie thursday
Item for wyne for a Commvnion on good fryday
Item for wyne for a Commvnion on Ester even
Item for wyne for a Commvnion on Ester day
Item for wyne for a Commvnion on Ester munday
Item for wyne for a Commvnion on Low sunday
Item for wyne for a Commvnion on the third 
sunday after Ester soe ther was in all in 
wyne for all these Commvnions					xxjs viiijd
Item for the glasier for glasing of the church				xvjs  
Item to the Smyth for mendinge of the clock				iijd
Item for a sitation							xijd
Item for bread for all the Communions from
palm sunday to low sunday						ijs vijd
Item for bread for a Communion on the thirde 
sunday after Ester							vd
Item for mendinge of the greate bell wheele				xvijd
Item for wyne for a Communion on Whitsonsunday			vijs iiijd
Item for bread for that Communion 					iijd
		Some totalis of our layinges out
		is xiijli ijs iiijd

Item Remayninge to the towne xjs xd

Item  payd {iiijd}  for the booke of articles 				iiijd
Item payd to the smythe of beldomes the xiij
daye of feabruary {for}  too churche dore kyes  and 
the bellsoller dore kye {mending}  and yeornes  for the great
bell										iijs
Item payd for a service booke							iiijs
Item payd to eaton of Worlington the xvj day
of feabruary for mending of the beres and for 
timber										ijs
Item paide more to John parker {for}  yeornes for them {ijs iiijd}  
Item payd to the parrettor  the xj day of marche for 
carring of our vardyte  to norwhiche						vjd
Item {a}  for paper								jd
Item payd to Ambrose Jeffery the xxvijth daye {of marche}  for vij 
quartes and a pynt of muskedyn vijs vjd 
payd more for vij quarts of Claret wine                       ? 
iiijs viijd                                                                                                                            
Item payd to Edmund Dockine for quartrag
										ijs iiijd  
Item payd for too baldrugs  {mending}  					xijd
Item payd for greas and oyle							iiijd
Item for washinge of the churche lininge					vjd
Item to Mr Dalleson for the bills Indented					{xvijd} 
										ijs iiijd