Berry: Bury St Edmunds Commesarye: Commissary, the bishop's official xxith: sic
ledes: lead (on then roof) Chalder: Chaldron on: i.e. one
{for}: superscript xvjs: xxiijs cancelled Item: assume contraction mark
{iiijd}: cancelled {for}: superscript kyes: keys
{mending}: superscript yeornes: irons {for}: superscript
{ijs iiijd}: superscript parrettor: apparitor vardyte: verdict
{a}: cancelled {of marche}: superscript ?: various sums cancelled
ijs iiijd: apparently cancelled baldrugs: no of minims? {mending}: superscript
{xvijd}: cancelled quartages: quarterages (quarter's wages) baldrickes: leather straps for bells