Charter of Adam de Eytun' to Ralph sutor and his wife Richilda

In the transcription here, contractions and suspensions are extended silently.
[1]Sciant presentes et futuri quod Ego Adam De Eytun' dedi concessi et hac presenti carta mea confirmaui Radulpho sutori de Nouo ponte fratri meo et
[2]Richilde [1] uxori sue pro seruicio suo unum campum terre mee cum pertinenciis suis qui uocacatur [sic] [2] middelham et Iacet ex parte orientali terre Willelmi fabris [sic] [3] et
[3]Inter stratam que Ducit de Billiggehurst versus Nouum pontem et campum qui uocatur Pukemrefeld' sicut Includitur Habendum et tenendum de me et
[4]heredibus meis predicto Radulpho et Richilde et heredibus eorum uel assignatis totum predictum campum cum pertinenciis suis libere quiete Integre bene et inpace quibuscunque et
[5]quandocunque sepe dictam terram cum pertinenciis suis dare legare vendere uel quoquo alio modo assignare uoluerint exceptis domibus religiosorum capitali domino feudi et Iuda- [breaks over the line]
[6]-ismo Reddendo inde annuatim mi(c)hi et heredibus meis prenominatus Radulphus et Richilda et heredes eorum uel assignati .ij. denarios ad duos anni terminos videlicet
[7]ad festum sancti Johannis Baptiste .j. denarium et ad festum sancti Thome apostoli .j. denarium pro omnibus seruiciis consuetudinibus curie sectis et uniuersis demandis Saluo seruicio forin- [breaks over the line]
[8]-seco quantum pertinet ad tantam liberam terram eiusdem feudi Pro hac autem donacione concessione et presentis carte mee confirmacione dedit mi(c)hi predictus
[9]Radulphus et Richilda [4] unam marcam argenti premanibus ingersumam Et ego vero predictus Adam et heredes mei sepedictis Radulpho et Richilde et heredibus eorum uel
[10]assignatis totam prenominatam terram cum pertinenciis suis contra omnes homines et feminas per predictum seruicium Warantizabimus aquietabimus et in perpetuum [breaks over the line]
[11]deffendemus Et quia volo quod hec mea donacio concessio et presentis carte mee confirmacio perpetuum robur optineat presentem cartam
[12]sigilli mei inprescione roboraui Hiis testibus Willelmo de Hasfolde Radulpho filio Stephani Willelmo de la sparre clerico Willelmo le her de la sparr' Jacobo de Ruchenor'[breaks over the line]
[13]Henrico de Niuwik' Willelmo de Niuwik' Willelmo le hunte Willelmo [obscured by seal tag] Ricardo carte notario et multis aliis

[1]May present and future know that I Adam de Eytun' have given granted and by this my present charter have confirmed to Ralph sutor of Newbridge, my brother, and
[2]to Richilda, his wife, for his service, a field of my land with its appurtenances which is called Middelham and it lies on the east side of the land of William faber and
[3]between the road which leads from Billingshurst towards Newbridge and the field which is called Pukemrefeld' as it is enclosed To have and to hold from me and
[4]my heirs to the aforesaid Ralph and Richilda and the heirs of them or assigns all the aforesaid field with its appurtenances freely, quietly, fully, well and in peace to whomsoever and
[5]whensoever they might have wished to give, bequeath, sell or in whatsoever other manner assign the said land with its appurtenances except religious houses the chief lord of the fee and Jewry [Jewry breaks over the line]
[6]Paying thereby yearly to me and my heirs the aforesaid Ralph and Richilda and the heirs of them or assigns 2d. at the two terms of the year, that is
[7]at the feast of St John the Baptist 1d. and at the feast of St Thomas the Apostle 1d. for all services, customs, suits of court and all demands except for forinsec [breaks over the line] service
[8]as much as belongs to so much free land of the same fee For, moreover, this gift, grant and confirmation of my present charter the aforesaid [Ralph and Richilda -- from line 9] gave to me
[9] one mark of silver beforehand as consideration And I, moreover, the aforesaid Adam and my heirs to the said Ralph and Richilda and to the heirs of them or
[10]assigns all the named land with its appurtenances against all men and women by the aforesaid service shall warrant, acquit and forever [breaks over the line]
[11]defend And since I wish that this my gift, grant and confirmation of my present charter may forever be strong, the present charter
[12]I have confirmed with the impression of my seal By these witnesses William de Hasfolde, Ralph son of Stephen, William de la sparre clerk, William le her de la sparr', James de Ruchenor' [breaks over the line],
[13]Henry de Niuwik', William de Niuwik', William le hunte, William [obscured by seal tag], Richard writer of the charter and many others

[1] This name can be either Richilda or Richildis in the nominative, the dative being respectively Richilde and Richildi. Use your browser's back button.
[2] This is a prime example of dittography; it should be simply vocatur as on the next line, that is, 'is called' (3rd.pers.sing.passive of the verb.pres.inf. vocare). Use your browser's back button.
[3] This is a clerical error, as it ought to be fabri for the gen.sing. Use your browser's back button.
[4] The syntax is erratic here, for one might expect dederunt (3rd.pers. pl.perfect) for Ralph and Richilda and also predictus to be pl. Perhaps Richilda was added as an afterthought. Use your browser's back button.